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Ibn Growin

Hey guys, I'm new here, have a friend or two who posts here so figured I'd put this up here, no harm in having two points of input Tagging my buddies @Or_Gro and @StickyBudHound and @Soil2Coco

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Oldest girl here, Mango Kush. Plucked those two fans above the 3rd node to try to stretch that one out a bit for mainlining later. We'll see how it goes.
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This one here is the...

Ibn Growin
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Uncle Ben's Topping Method in DWC

Hello RIU members! So, after growing autos for years I've begun trying my hand at photoperiod, and decided I was going to use Uncle Ben's method of waiting for 5-6 nodes, then chopping just above the second true node. My question is, due to the fact that I'll be basically chopping the plant in half, how much should I reduce my ppm's? Maybe by half? Or would I be better off to do a regular topping, wait a few days for the two dominant branches to grow up, and then top each of those two as...

Uncle Ben's Topping Method in DWC

Cheap water cooler

After weeks of trying to keep my water cool in various different ways I finally found a solution that works for me.

Now im sure experienced growers have already done this at some point, but I personally had such a hard time trying to find something that would work for cheap and it seems to me like there is quite a few out there that feel the same way.

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So as you can see a very simple method and it should work as long as you have...

Cheap water cooler

Ultimate GH Waterfarm Mods

My first grow I used a GH Waterfarm being told that it was simple, adequately efficient and that it works. You can look under my profile to see my very first post as I was having bloom problems...No blooming due to light leaks. Anyways, after I completed that grow, which netted me with a little over 2 oz of sweet Mex dro I took a closer look at my waterfarm to see if I could solve a couple of issues that I was having. These were the issues:

1. I changed my nutes every week according to the...

Ultimate GH Waterfarm Mods

Evaporation and PH

Hey guys, a quick question. In regards to DWC/RDWC
So if you start with a certain amount of PH 7 water and use some acid to drop it to 5.8, would evaporation over several days cause a slight PH drift down?
The evaporating would effectively concentrate the acid since there is a less amount of water, no?
Pretend there are no plants or other factors causing a PH decrease.

June 10, 2019 at 02:30AM

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